Monday, May 30, 2011

My First High Dynamic Range (HDR) Attempt

I started getting interested in HDR photography. It adds so much more fun for shooting in anywhere you go, and you start looking at things in a different way. Now anything I look at, I test it in my eye seeing if it work for HDR or not. I feel I can't do any more photography unless I use this technique. So yesterday I was in our carriage with the tripod, and a wide angle lens... I tried to look for a good compositions to take as many exposures I can. I catched a spot where my dad paint and draw... there was many details in that composition, canvas, painting colors..etc.

So I took 5 different images with different exposures. It was hard the first time because it is needs accuracy and good focus.
- First, I set the tripod still and I focused the lens by Auto then locked it on Manual.

- Put the F-stop on 11, it will give you the sharpest image.

-Then I looked at the Exposure Composition scale, it will look like a ruler with (-2,-1,0,+1,+2). This is where you can set each shot on different exposure. This is the general set of exposures you usually take, for my first attempt, I went with the general rule, You can take +3,-3 or whatever.

- Put it on self timer (10 secs are good ). You don't want your camera to move, it needs to be freezed in order to take the same exact shot in those 5 exposures.

As a result, this is what I got...

After that, you need a software to combine the images and add some effects. You can use Photoshop, but it is not focused on HDR. There are some Softwares like Photomatix Pro. This is what I used. You can play with the sliders after combing them, and it will look much nicer than you expected.

The result of my first attempt is this:

I took other compositions... and this was the result: