Thursday, March 3, 2011

Learning and Applying

Its been forever until my last post, but I just didn't have time to give some thoughts to write. I have been busy in school and college, but I still have so many ideas to write. I am still on my promise to write the last basic post for Visual Basic and then I may dig deeper into more learning. I am trying to find a good book for people in my age and beginners about programming or software engineering in general, just for the sake of knowledge. I know there are many references in the internet, but I like to have the book with me all the time rather than going to the website and read.

This quick post is only about few pictures I enhanced few days ago in Camera Raw and Photoshop. I just felt I didn't posted my photographs since months, and I needed to do that. I have more pictures to share but I need to fix them first. Here are few images I like to share:

I love the drops on the flower. I sharpened them and used different blending modes to have this result. I used macro lens and without a tripod! I got this image by my luck laying down on the ground in a rainy day.

This is heavy processed. I took it to Camera Raw and played with the temperature, then into Photoshop with using different blending modes and blur too.

My sister look like an old lady after editing with wrinkles under eyes ( sorry sofie! )
The pupil had the most attention in this picture. I kept using different sharping to get a little bit of reflection. I am still not very satisfied with it, but I just chose to share it.

I learned this trick of Black and White from The Mac Lab Video Tip of the Day from my Digital Arts class. I liked it and it is so easy... it gave a whole lot meaning to the picture.

Thats all I wanted to say for now. Hopefully this weekend I have another update for programming or photography.


  1. Hey Diana,

    Have some important comment on you blog.

    It's wonderful blog and only things distracting while going through your content is Background color.

    If possible change your back ground color to some impressive color, This is my personal view.


    Luke Watts

  2. Thank you for your comment. I will work on that.