Wednesday, August 4, 2010


"I went to the zoo yesterday and took some pictures. Of course, I barley got 3 or 4 good pictures from all the 400 pictures I took. I took pictures for objects more than the animal." - Mr.Skocko - my Digital Art teacher

Here are the best 3 pictures I could share with you.

Randomly walking and captured this image from the left ( I was standing on the left side ) to make a good competition and show the rest of the way ( also the stairs ).Then I edited it and gave it black and white effect.

Does it looks like a real elephant?

That's my favorite picture. I tried like 30 times till I got the sun beams perfect like this. Especially this object was moving so it is hard to get the sun just in place. Did you notice the clouds and sky? they are kind of circular and that's because I used Fish Eyes lens. Then the rest, I just adjusted it's contrast.

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